Gym Tops For Women

Gym tops for women are essential for maximising comfort, performance, and style. This makes them a must-have for women who enjoy working out and often visit the gym. Gym tops are also sometimes known as sports tops or activewear tops for women.

Without gym tops, you are most likely to wear your normal T-shirts to the gym. While they work just fine, they do not provide the comfort, airflow and moisture-wicking properties of a gym top. This ensures your workout sessions are dry, cool, and comfortable. Not to mention the confidence they provide to your workout sessions.

A] Find The Best Women’s Activewear Tops At FITBODYMINDED

At FITBODYMINDED you will find the best-quality gym outfits for women. We prioritise the comfort and functionality of our tops. But that does not mean we compromise on style.

Our activewear tops are very versatile and suit most body types. We offer two types of gym tops, tie-down tops and mesh gym tops. The tie-down gym top is more customisable, while the mesh gym top has a bohemian charm.

B] Essential Gym Wear To Go With The Top

  • High-Impact Sports Bra: FITBODYMINDED’s high-impact sports bras provide optimal support during rigorous exercises. It is best to choose a sports bra that matches your top’s colour for a perfect combination.
  • Mesh Gym Leggings: Mesh gym leggings are very comfortable and provide optimal ventilation and breathability. These leggings fit snugly to your legs, providing the flexibility required to perform various exercises.
  • Flare Yoga Pants:The flare yoga pants are trendy, stylish, and versatile. You can wear them for a yoga session or to the gym. These pants ensure you look stylish and feel confident.


1. What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Gym Top?

Fabrics for gym tops are different from a regular T-shirt. These materials improve airflow and reduce moisture, maximising comfort during a gym session.

2. What Types Of Gym Tops Are Available?

FITBODYMINDED currently offers two types of gym tops: the tie-down top and the mesh t-shirt. Both of these are made with high-quality materials and choosing which one would be the best comes down to the wearer’s choice.

3. How Do I Choose The Right Size For My Gym Top?

To ensure your gym top is the right fit for you, it is crucial that you first check the size chart provided for each top. Know your measurements and compare them with the provided size charts.

4. Are Gym Tops Suitable For All Types Of Exercises?

Gym tops are very versatile and can be worn for a wide range of exercises. Gym tops can be worn for cardio, weight training, yoga, and much more.

5. How Should I Care For My Gym Top?

As your gym tops can get really sweaty, you need to take special care of them to avoid odour and bacterial growth. You need to carefully wash and clean the top to get rid of the bacteria and not affect the colours and fabric of the top.

6. How Often Should I Replace My Gym Top?

A good rule of thumb is to change your gym top when it doesn’t fit properly or starts sticking to your body. However, it is a good idea to replace your gym top at least once every year.