Women’s Cycling Shorts

Women’s cycling shorts are designed to provide excellent comfort and efficiency for high-impact exercises, such as cycling. FITBODYMINDED’s high-waisted cycling shorts, also known as sports shorts are designed with comfort and functionality in mind.


The soft and lightweight fabric of these women’s cycling shorts keeps you cool and comfortable even after a long cycling or gym session. The fabric used for cycling shorts is also tough and durable, so it does not tear during intense workouts.

A] Find The Perfect Women’s Cycling Shorts 

FITBODYMINDED offers the most durable and comfortable cycling shorts for women. The material used for the cycling shorts is carefully selected to provide maximum ventilation and moisture-wicking, preventing sweat from sticking to the skin.

These high-waisted shorts are very versatile and can also be used as yoga wear, casual wear, hiking shorts and gym outfits for women. These shorts also enhance your physic by fitting comfortably to your silhouette.

B] What To Wear Alongside High-Waisted Cycling Shorts

  • High-Impact Sports Bra: High-impact sports bras perfectly complement the cycling shorts. Pairing them together can give you a complete sporty and athletic look.

  • Mesh Gym Top: Mesh gym tops are very lightweight and breathable making them a perfect choice for high-intensity workout sessions and cycling.

  • Gym Jackets For Women: If you are planning to cycle outdoors in cold weather, a gym jacket can help you stay warm and complete the sporty look.


1. Can I Wear Cycling Shorts Daily?

Absolutely! Cycling shorts are very comfortable and versatile and can be worn daily for different activities.

2. Why Are Cycling Shorts Important?

When riding a bicycle or doing rigorous training, cycling shorts provide the maximum freedom of movement is crucial. Most regular shorts and pants, do not provide this, leading to rashes and discomfort.


3. Can Plus Size Women Wear Cycling Shorts?

Cycling shorts are made for every type of body. Our plus-size cycle shorts don’t just provide comfort and functionality but also make you look cool.

4. Which Fabric Is Good For Cycling Shorts?

Spandex is a desired fabric for cycling shorts which adds stretchability. Polyester and cotton are also good fabrics which provide comfort and breathability. Most cycling shorts are made with a combination of fabrics which provide various desired features.

5. What Can We Wear With Women Cycling Shorts?

You can pair any sports attire with your cycling shorts, such as sports bra, gym tops, and jackets.

6. Can FITBODYMINDED Cycling Shorts Be Used For Other Activities?

Our cycling shorts are very versatile and can be used as hiking wear, sportswear, gym wear, yoga pants, and casual wear.

7. How Do I Care For FITBODYMINDED Cycling Shorts?

When washing FITBODYMINDED Cycling Shorts there are certain things you need to remember: 

  • Do not bleach
  • Machine wash cold
  • Dry on low heat
  • Iron inside out
  • Do not wring

8. How To Choose The Right Pair Of Cycling Shorts For Ladies?

When choosing cycling shorts the first thing you need to consider is the fit. The cycling shorts should fit you snugly. The fabric must feel soft and shouldn’t winkle. Also, consider the colour as it is a significant part of your overall outfit.

9. Why Choose FITBODYMINDED  For Women’s Cycling Shorts?

FITBODYMINDED offers comfortable shorts for women designed with premium quality materials. These shorts are extremely durable and resilient and provide maximum comfort, ventilation, and unrestricted movement.